About Us

A community of MULTIFAMILY REAL ESTATE INVESTORS dedicated to making the most of this life, utilizing  the passive income generated from investing to fuel that drive...

Why Join?

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here.  

Learn from and partner with experienced operators.

Network with like-minded professionals.

Learn tips to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

What you'll find inside:


  • A comprehensive, step-by-step course that will take you from knowing nothing about Multifamily investing to being someone with their own portfolio of apartments and someone who can help other aspiring investors
    • Every course is self-paced and includes video tutorials, private coaching, downloadable document templates, case studies and everything you need to become a real estate investor
    • Courses include:
      • A self-assesment
      • Multifamily Essentials
      • Building your team
      • Lending
      • Raising Capital
      • Finding Deals
      • Legal 
      • Property Management
      • Due Diligence
      • Asset Management
      • With more being added all the time
    • The heart of Tribe of Titans...a group of equally driven investors looking for answers to specific questions or offering answers from their own experiences
    • Sections Include:
      • The Toolbox
        • Every document you could  require with a downloadable blank template and video tutorial of exactly what the document is used for a how to complete it
      • Expert's Corner
        • Here you can interact with every 3rd party service provider you will encounter in this industry:
          • Property Managers
          • Brokers
          • Lenders
          • Lawyers
          • Contractos
          • Bookkeepers
          • CPA's
        • Each service provider will have videos, articles and take your questions directly
      • Events
        • Weekly live networking
        • Monthly Webinars
        • Special live guests
          • "How I built this..."
          • Service Providers
      • Case Studies
        • Read stories from people who were in your exact shoes and how they got to where they extreme detail.  Have a question for can ask them directly
      • Podcasts & Articles
        • In a world of endless options, find the ones that are actually worth your time

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